Perspectives on Xi Jinping Thought (I)

It is 2021 and this year marks 100 years since the Communist Party of China’s/Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) founding. Also, Happy 牛 Year in advance if you are feeling tired of that rat of a year already. China has made it halfway through Made in China 2025 and is now in the early stages of […]

Dr. Henry Kissinger on Thucydides’s Trap

Since the Thucydides’s Trap has recently gained much attention due to the writings of Prof. Graham Allison (well-known among students of International Relations), but also because the concept and its application to China-US relations (or the G2) has been criticized so harshly by Prof. Arthur Waldron, I wanted to link to this conversation between Allison […]

Prof. Qin Yaqing (秦亚青) on Relational Theory

In a 2016 essay for International Studies Review, Prof. Qin Yaqing (秦亚青) of China Foreign Affairs University maps out the cornerstones of relational theory of international politics (国际政治关系理论). Qin, who has recently produced a much more extensive book on the topic is, safe to say, the leading authority on the matter in China. Following up […]

International Relations with Chinese Characteristics

MERICS Research Associate Sabine Mokry produced a summary overview last year of specifically Chinese concepts of International Relations (IR)/world order that are currently being discussed and espoused by leading Chinese political scientists. A few interesting points and questions raised by this research: Current world order is frequently portrayed as “outdated” and “dysfunctional” (Mokry, 6). The […]