Welcome to Sino@Jurolytics and 歡迎光臨! I am glad you are stopping by.

This site is part of the Jurolytics blog network.

It represents a collection of my own thoughts (put down on pixels and hopefully somewhat elaborated), short write-ups on others’ commentaries, articles, books etc., and some in-depth analysis where time permits. I have lived in both Mainland China and Taiwan and remain fascinated by their respective societal developments.

What is the “sinosphere”? I am not exactly referring to the East Asian cultural sphere; rather, what I mean to cover are mostly current events, politics, culture, foreign relations, and the human geography of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong in general. Opinions and research from both local and foreign commentators, scholars, officials etc. will be presented and should not be seen as endorsement. I do not intend to invite controversy by subsuming everyone living in the region as being part of a single, definite cultural sphere – that would be oversimplifying, although others will argue that there exists such a common bond. In any case, it would be a much more intellectually stimulating exercise to dive deeper into the local complexities of (national) identity, political psychology, consumerism, philosophy, individualism vs. communitarianism, pop culture etc. I hope this sounds interesting to you as well.

Please feel free to point me to what you might consider other interesting aspects related to a topic and suggestions for further reading in the comments.

Have a great day!